Online guitar lessons that Rock guitarists can learn Jazz/Fusion phrases and how to practice them will start!

May 5, 2018

For all guitarists who spent more than one year while thinking "I want to play Jazz and Fusion as cooly!"

To be able to play B minor and E minor chord tone on A minor. To play A add9(11) arrpegio which sounds like Fusion more than Rock...etc.
A new sensational "guitar community" by Hideaki Yamakado aiming for many people to learn techniques necessary for playing guitar freely improvisation.

It is the place you can take lessons from Hideaki Yamakado. And certainly, It's also the place where members interact through guitar and enrich music life.

The guitar community that all the participants are leading parts!

The name is...

Hideaki Yamakado

Improvise approach lesson

​▍Don't you have any problems like these?

・There is no phrase vocabularies when you improvise.


・You are not good at improvised playing.


・You live in a rural area and you can not take lessons specific to Jazz or Fusion.


・Your hips do not go up to attend private lesson.


・Your hips do not go up to attend private lesson.


・You want to enjoy the guitar plating of Hideaki Yamakado.



Here's the chance to solve such troubles and enrich your shred-play life many times!

✔︎You can take limited lessons from Hideki Yamakad only here.

The biggest advantage of Improvise approach lesson!


You can take members only online lessons twice a month.
It is a lesson using live streaming to Facebook group so people in the distance can join, You can practice guitar while communicating with members on the spot.

Even if you can not participate in live streaming, the archive video will remain, so you can see it again and again afterwards!



It is only improvise aproach lesson that the lessons of Hideaki Yamakado of a big success at domestic and international can be received at this price!

✔︎You can make guitar friends that match your hobbies through lessons.

People who want to learn how to make use of technical guitar play in improvisation, they are gathering at the Improvise Approach lesson from all over the country.

Though it is a minority among those who play guitar, interested in technical and improvised guitar, there are a lot of such friends here!

✔︎We will have an off-meeting, too!

There are also places where you can meet and interact with members directly!

Actually you can practice guitar and Interact with members gathered together with Hideaki Yamakado.

✔︎Messages from Hideaki Yamakado 

"Good morning! good afternoon! Good evening, everybody! This is Hideaki Yamakado!


“Do you like Rock? Metal? Jazz? Fusion? Of course I love them all! Listening and playing! How about you?


Most of the guitarists I've met so far love Rock and Metal! But Jazz and Fusion are not so much .... I play Jazz and Fusion in Live almost and play rarely Rock and Metal. But in the old days, I played only Rock and Metal and I wasn't interested in Jazz or Fusion.”

“Since I started playing Jazz and Fusion in public, I began practicing in earnest,
I'm currently in the band called "Mass Of Ego" . And I'm trying to Jazz, Fusion's stylish code approach and the irregular beats and other clever parts combined with Rock, Metal's shreds and hot emotional parts like that. To pursue the ideal that combines the music that I have played until now.”


Perhaps some people of Rock and Metal guitarists also think that "I would like to someday play Jazz and Fusion cool"!
But honestly, it is difficult to pick out what to do. Because there are lots of complicated codes and scales ....


If you do not memorize all those theory of music you absolutely can not play Jazz or Fusion? 
The answer is "Noooooooo !!!"!


If you know triad and minor pentatonic, you can play Jazz, Fusion cool enough. To people who will take my lesson, I will teach the knowledge and technique I have studied so far.


"I can play Rock and Metal but Jazz, Fusion is ..."
"I'd like Jazz, Fusion to play, but it seems to be difficult, so I pass""I want to have difference from other guitarists who can only play Rock and Metal by learning Jazz, Fusion's knowledge and techniques.
I hope to let such people help the new step of music life!

I'm waiting for your participation in my lesson! 


In Improvise Approach lesson,



There are many events makes your guitar life satisfactory, especially online contents.


◎Online lessons twice a month
◎Distribution of lesson materials

◎Questions to Hideaki Yamakado and other participants

◎Planning and exchange of events among members


・Off-meeting held occasionally

・Members only offline group lesson 

All contents of ◎ are included in basic charge.

Other contents will be charged separately such as studio fee.

✔︎Lesson Schedule from now on

Lesson Schedule from now on

July 14 (Saturday), Approach other than C Major on C backing Pt.1

July 28 (Saturday), Approach other than C Major on C backing Pt.2

August 11 (Saturday), Approach other than A minor on A minor backing Pt.1

August 25 (Saturday), Approach other than A minor on A minor backing Pt.2

All day from 10:00 am(JST) to one hour
Recorded videos will remain for all lessons.

We are preparing plenty of content after this! You can see the whole picture after joining.

​▍Recommended for people like this.

・I would like to take a lesson of Hideaki Yamakado.


・I want to learn about Jazz and Fusion's guitar play.


・I'm a beginner but I like Jazz and Fusion.


・I want to make a difference around you by acquiring overwhelming techniques.


・I want to make guitar fellows with matching hobbies.


・I'm looking for a society group.


・I want to become better player seriously.

✔︎Is beginner OK?

 Eligibility to participate in Improvise Approach lesson

It is only that "I love improvise guitar playing!"


You don't need to worry about the level of the guitar playing.


Please be assured because we will follow well for beginners.

"I will join this community and buy a guitar!" "I'll resume!" We are waiting for challengers like that.

✔︎We will start from June!

 The Lessons will start from June, 2018!


Apply as soon as possible, please.


Of course, you can participate after June as well and feel free to join us anytime.

✔︎There are lots of opportunities to improve!

There are many opportunities that Improvise approach lesson can improve, such as limited online lessons by Hideaki Yamakado, members-only offline group lessons, environments where members can ask questions.


Especially recommended for those who want to become better seriously! Join now

​▍2Step of Application / Payment

2.Register membership on FaceBook Group

You can use all online content and some offline content with just basic charge.

Fees will be charged separately at off-meeting etc. Part of the membership fee will also be working capital to provide better content.



Q.Are beginners okay?


A.Yes, of course.

Q.Can I see online lessons in real time?


A.The archive will remain on the FB group, so you can watch it later.

Q.Where is the activity place? 


A.Off-meeting events are mainly in Tokyo, but even those who live far away can enjoy online content.

Q.Is there any money besides membership fee?


A.Participation fee will be charged separately for various sessions, group lessons and Get-together.

Q.Which genre do you play? .


A.It mainly targets Jazz / Fusion's high technical guitar.

Q.I do not have a FaceBook account, what should I do? 


A. use FB to communicate among members online, so we are asking members to create an account though. If you can not create it, you can enjoy offline content only.

Q.I do not know how to withdraw from a group 


A.In case of withdrawal, please inform us of your withdrawal from here. Withdrawal will be withdrawn on the 1st day of the next month when we contact you with your withdrawal.


✔︎About Manners

We are asking members to participate by keeping a minimum amount of manners in order to ensure smooth communication at the Facebook group and off-line meetings. When we judge that there is a remarkable manner violation by any chance, we may withdraw from members without permission of the members.



✔︎About canceling events

If you plan to participate in various events, if you are unable to come by any chance, if you are late on time, please contact the organizer promptly.

✔︎About payment

For those who have been unable to pay for over 2 months, please understand that we will treat your withdrawal here.