miyako Online Guitar Lesson

​Monthly price 3,500JPY(tax included)

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miyako Online Guitar Lesson

As of the end of July 2021, new lessons will be temporarily terminated.

Therefore, new enrollment will be available after 7/16 (Friday), and will be available for subscription (1,500 yen per month) to use all 38 archive video lessons for the past 1 year and 7 months (19 months).

* Subscription support: You can watch past lesson videos at any time. There are no new lessons (including live streaming and new videos).


miyako Online Guitar Lesson


◎Online lessons twice a month

◎Distribution of lesson music score

◎Questions to miyako and other participants

✔︎Lesson Schedule from now on(Japan time)

June's schedule

6 (Sun) at 8pm

13 (Sun) at 8pm


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​❚Application / Payment

miyako Online Guitar Lesson


Purchase membership fee ¥3,500(Monthly) on Square


We will invite FaceBook Group

​Lesson start


You can use all online contents  with just basic charge.


miyako Online Guitar Lesson

Q.Are beginners okay?


A.Yes, of course.

Q.Can I see online lessons in real time?


A.Yse,and the archive will remain on the FB group, so you can watch it later.

Q.Is there any money besides membership fee?


A.No,only 3,500JPY onece a month

Q.Which genre do you play? .


A.It mainly targets Rock and Metal guitar.

Q.I do not have a FaceBook account, what should I do? 


A. use FB to communicate among members online, so we are asking members to create an account though. If you can not create it, you can enjoy offline content only.

Q.I do not know how to withdraw from a group 


A.In case of withdrawal, please inform us of your withdrawal from here. Withdrawal will be withdrawn on the 1st day of the next month when we contact you with your withdrawal.

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✔︎About Manners

We are asking members to participate by keeping a minimum amount of manners in order to ensure smooth communication at the Facebook group and off-line meetings. When we judge that there is a remarkable manner violation by any chance, we may withdraw from members without permission of the members.



✔︎About canceling events

If you plan to participate in various events, if you are unable to come by any chance, if you are late on time, please contact the organizer promptly.

✔︎About payment

For those who have been unable to pay for over 2 months, please understand that we will treat your withdrawal here.

Reproduction and use of lesson contents, texts, images, videos, etc. of our group is strictly prohibited.